How to Choose the Best Deep Fryer

Most restaurants need a deep fryer to cook fries, chicken fingers, or desserts. There are so many ways to use a deep fryer and so many options, you may not know where to start. Here are some things to consider when you are looking to buy a deep fryer. You need to think about what kinds of food you are going to be using in the deep fryer. Heavily breaded foods will require a fryer that has a large sediment zone like a tube-style gas fryer. This means that crumbs and small pieces of food fall into a safe area that can be emptied instead of into your fryer. You may need to get more than one kind if you have a wide variety of foods to fry.

You also need to consider how much food you will be preparing. You need to find the Best Deep Fat Fryer that is the right size and power for the amount of food you will need to cook at any given time. Putting too much in at a time will mean an unevenly cooked dish of lower quality. How big a tank is will determine how much food you can put in it and how quickly the oil gets heated up to the right temperature. Cooking at a lower temperature will mean greasier foods. Gas fryers will usually heat up faster than electric fryers.

You also need to think about your kitchen and how much space you have for fryers. There are electric countertop models that work really well in small kitchens with limited floor space. This will only work if you only have a couple of things that will need fried on your menu. You should also think about how you will maintain the fryers. You will need to filter the oil and clean the machine more often if you are fresh breading your food. This means you may want a fryer that has a built in filtering system. Check out the  t-fal fr8000 review at this link to get started.

Safety is an important thing to think about. You need to have a three foot area around the fryer marked off so no one stands in that area and gets burned. There will always be a small risk, so you will need to make sure that you have a fire extinguisher and people who know how to use it nearby.

High efficiency fryers mean that the heat is transferred to the oil instead of the kitchen which will help with your energy use. They may be more expensive to purchase, but they will cost less to operate long-term. Following these guidelines will make sure that you find the best deep fryer for your needs. Go to for more details.