Safety of Electric and Propane Deep Fryers

Do you fancy frying different types of food at home? If so, you need a deep fryer. There are a number of deep fryers you can buy in the market. Before buying a fryer, consider what you want. This will enable you decide which appliance will be right for your needs. Apart from this, there are different factors you should keep in mind when choosing a deep fryer. One of them is safety. Check out deep fryer reviews at this link for more details.

Safety of commercial Deep Fryers
One of the top concerns people have when buying deep fryers is safety. All cooking appliances are prone to fires if you are not careful while using them. However, the risk of fires with propane deep fryers is especially great. While deep-frying can be risky, the risk is magnified when frying a whole chicken or turkey in a propane fryer. This explains why most fires in the United States are reported on Thanksgiving. You can find videos of fires resulting from deep frying on the Internet.

For safety purposes, an electric fryer is a better option. However, it still has some risks. For example, if you are not careful, oil can boil over or get hot enough to combust. There are a number of electric deep fryers with helpful safety features such as a break-off cord that detaches when the fryer is disturbed or an auto-shut feature that is activated when the oil reaches an unsafe temperature.

Most safety concerns of deep fryers are related to their use rather than features. Read and follow the instructions that the deep fryers come with. For example, do not overfill the oil. Many foodies overestimate how much space food takes in a deep fryer. Overfilling the fryer can lead to oil spills, which is one of the leading causes of fires when using deep fryers.

While cooking, keep an eye on the temperature of your oil at all times. This is important to prevent an explosion. Moreover, food should not be lowered into a deep fryer over an open flame. An open flame getting in contact with spilled oil is a recipe for disaster. Moreover, have a fire extinguisher nearby for safety. This is especially important if you are using a propane deep fryer.

Safety is one of the major concerns people have when looking to buy a deep fryer. By following the manufacturer's instructions, you can be sure of enjoying frying your food without the risk of fires. Check out for more info.